I have expertise in geoscience, data science, and geographic information system. I am fascinated by interdisciplinary research projects. Themes that I am currently or recently working on:

  • Developing the Sparrow software to facilitate the data management and data sharing between geoscience labs;

  • Data-model comparison of the Holocene temperature conundrum from a meta-data spatiotemporal perspective

  • Evaluating the age model of the Cretaceous period in Macrostrat and creating new stratigraphic columns and polygons to enhance the spatial and temporal resolutions

  • Evaluating the sediment control on the paleobiological records of Cretaceous dinosaurs

  • Modeling the spatial variability of 10Be nuclide's production rates in high mountains by modeling the snow coverage history with satellite images

  • Natural language process on extracting spatiotemporal data of ice-rafted debris from the literature to reconstruct paleoclimate.


My M.S. thesis at University of Tulsa was on the application of numerical simulations (Finite Element Method) to the study of final geometries of buckling folds embedded in heterogeneous matrices. Over the past years, I have also developed my skills in data visualization, visual analytics, and cartographic design, and building interactive web-based maps.