PhD Candidate in Geosciences

My works are related to:

Above Earth

I have a hybrid background between geoscience, GIS, and data science. Currently, I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Geoscience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, minor in computer science. I am interested in applying quantitative and geospatial analytical methods to earth science studies, especially in paleoclimate, paleoenvironment, and geochronology.


Some long-standing hypotheses in geosciences are still data-limited for evaluations, even though a large amount of data do exist. This is because syntheses of large datasets were previously hard. With recent developments in technology and methodology, it is now a good time to understand our planet in a data-intensive way.

My PhD research focuses on linking different spatial scales in geosciences with data-driven approaches. I mine and formalize geological data at local scales and spatially integrate them to solve problems with larger spatial scales.  


I am also participating in the Sparrow data project as a software developer for the cosmogenic nuclide lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Land Mining